What Makes Skyline Aristocrat a Highly Anticipated Apartment Project?

What Makes Skyline Aristocrat a Highly Anticipated Apartment Project?
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Skyline Aristocrat Apartment

Skyline Aristocrat is an ongoing residential project, which is situated along the PT Usha Road in Cochin. As per its original plans, it will have eighteen 3 BHK apartment units across eleven floors. The property of Skyline Builders is designed to have two three-bedroom apartments per floor. There is no parting wall sharing between Skyline Aristocrat flats.

Generally, structural features shared with other nearby units may expose occupants to noise or other disturbances, so it is said having no common wall sharing provides better privacy to residents.

The property is only three hundred meters away from the MG Road, one of Cochin’s busiest areas. Its location is also nearby the Maharaja’s Ground station of the Kochi Metro, also proximate to the Centre Square Mall.

Occupants in the Skyline Builders’ property also get to conveniently access multispecialty hospitals, education institutions, public parks, lifestyle facilities, and other locales for recreation.

Its two flats a floor strategy, with one of them facing west and another east, will make sure abundant cross ventilation. Staying in one of these apartments is surely going to bring a luxurious experience to you. Of course, for that, the property is designed to have state of the art facilities, comprising a swimming pool on its terrace, a fitness center, air-conditioned multipurpose recreation hall, and roof terrace party area.

On the security front, it is equipped with biometric entry to the lobby, round the clock security with surveillance cams in key areas, intercom facility, and video phone system. All these security features will make the property a gated community, which will provide future occupants with a great deal of safety.

It is designed to have two automatic elevators, too, one of them a bed lift and the other, a passenger lift. Skyline Builders also promise generator backup for fan and light in all of its property’s rooms.

The project of one of the top builders in Kochi, Skyline Builders, was conceived by Synergy Consultants, based in Bangalore. Besides, investors will be buoyed by the fact that the locality is home to only a handful of luxury apartment projects. The builder noted that the Kochi Metro would lead to a significant value appreciation. Once Skyline Aristocrat’s construction is fully completed, the distinguished builder said that there would be a significant value appreciation owing to the uniqueness of the location and project.

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