Green Housing Shaping the Future of Real Estate in India

Green Housing Shaping the Future of Real Estate in India
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Green Housing Benefits

The need for green housing has long been debated in India, and with the ever-growing carbon footprint on the environment caused in part by the housing sector, it has now become even more imperative to push for use of more sustainable resources in real estate. We are already in the “urbanization era”, and the real estate industry is experiencing heavy demands of construction due to rising housing and infrastructure requirements. Although the trend of going green was once confined to people who could afford to ballyhoo the concept, it has since become more accessible to one and all. You see it promoted these days by many of the top builders Cochin has to offer, through housing options provided to new as well as extant customers.

The Benefits of Green Housing

The obvious advantage of green housing is the impact it has on limiting the carbon footprint. With the tools and technology available to save resources like water and power as well as use renewable alternatives instead for building construction, waste management and resource usage have gotten to be very efficient now. Aside from that, eco-friendly housing also reduces chances of health issues such as respiratory problems in residents.

Reports say that green housing also leads to increased revenue for both the buyers and builders. LEED certification costs can add by around 2% – 5% to the total cost of an apartment, but with it, the resale value of the property goes up. In addition, since green housing saves around 30% – 40% of the overall power consumption, it cuts monthly energy bills considerably. In other words, the extra certification cost for green building can be easily reimbursed in 2 – 5 years.

Apart from these benefits, there are some tax and premium rebates on green buildings as well. Many states in India give incentivize builders and developers to meet certain conditions, in turn equipping the latter with great tools to market their offerings among more investors and customers.

The main drawback of green housing is that construction costs can run higher than what is now normal, because as yet, means to source sustainable building materials is limited. Then there is also the lack of awareness among laypeople when it comes to the amazing benefits of green buildings, evidenced by buyers not wanting to spend extra on a greener product. However, with builders all around the country rushing to accept better ways to combat the global warming threat, hopes are high for green housing to shape the future of real estate in India.

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