A Sneak Peek into Abad Builders’ Spice Bay Apartment in Cochin

A Sneak Peek into Abad Builders’ Spice Bay Apartment in Cochin
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Spice Bay Apartment Cochin

Look up for a list of builders in Kochi city and you will see the name Abad Builders at the top of the real estate domain. Their “Spice Bay” 2 BHK apartment project situated in Kochangadi offers a comfortable place to live in and one that is within the confines of the city, yet not far away from it…

Situated along the backwaters in Cochin’s Kochangadi, Abad Builders’ 2 bedroom apartment project titled “Spice Bay” rises up to three floors. The builder endorses the ready to occupy apartment project as a value home, maybe because it spans only three floors. Other than its proximity to the backwaters, and that it overlooks Wellington Island, the small building is also placed adjacent to the townships of Fort Kochi and Mattancherry. These are the two popular towns in the city, known for attracting tourists by the thousands.

Fort Kochi and Mattancherry are portrayed beautifully in films. Right down to the narrow alleys and housings with little space to separate them, the towns bustle with youth and trade. Whether you are a businessman with a stake in real estate, or an ordinary Joe looking for ready to occupy habitation in Cochin city, this investor-friendly residential project from Abad Builders is definitely worth considering.

It is located closely to main areas of interest such as educational institutes, hospitals, supermarket and other tourist-friendly destinations. Within a kilometer’s distance, you can find Abad’s Chullickal hotel, Reliance Fresh retail, Cochin College, Gautham Hospital, Mattancherry bus stand, etc.

When it comes to facilities, the small value home features premium fixtures and fittings and vitrified flooring. The state of the art amenities of the Abad Builders’ project comprises generator backup, rainwater harvesting, covered car park, cable television connection, solid waste management, kids play area, recreation spot, and modern lift.

What’s more, for a small apartment building, it has a round-the-clock security system, intercom facility, and fire and safety features. These are the kind of ultra-modern amenities, which modern-day residences seek from a top-quality apartment project like this one. The security and intercom facilities are characteristic of gated communities in Cochin and elsewhere, and the same holds true for car parking facilities as well.

The builder’s property spans across eighteen cents of land area, and has fifteen two bedroom flats, all of which are fully furnished. So, if you are a family of two, a professional or a jobseeker with employment in Cochin, this can be good value for money. If you are looking for high-rise apartments, there are several other projects in the city, including some by Abad Builders.

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