Parking Disputes in an Apartment Compound

Parking Disputes in an Apartment Compound
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Nowadays, people own many vehicles, and that too, jeeps and cars. So there is an apparent scramble for open space. Private vehicles take up every inch of available space in an apartment complex, and that sometimes leaves kids no place to cycle or play in its premises.

It is to be noted that when people purchase apartments in Cochin, they take possession of a parking slot as well. It is documented to avoid a dispute in the future. However, most apartment owners ignore the requirement for another parking space. They hardly consider a second vehicle, or a visitor or a guest who may come with their own car.

When an open space, which is common property, is converted into a spot for some other recreation, disputes arise. Those who use it to park their vehicles come up with an objection, say, an apartment resident in the city.

As per AKAOA (All Kerala Apartment owners’ Association), disputes over vehicle parking have also become a common affair in several apartment complexes across Kerala. While new projects consider the increasing demand for parking, the matter is more complex in old apartment complexes.

Referring to specific cases, the President of AKAOA, V K Shankarankutty, said, “In a complex located in heart of the city, there are 64 apartments and only 22 parking slots. So, people end up parking their vehicles in the compound. However, it poses difficulties for those trying to take their vehicles out from the parking lots. It leads to disputes and arguments.”

He also added that a solution for this issue has been drafted to designate specific areas in the complex as well as rent it to tenants or owners. “This decision has also been challenged as people who do not get a slot in the compound will not be able to bring their vehicles within the premises of the complex,” Shankarankutty said. “We haven’t been able to find a solution to the parking crisis.”

While purchasing flats, people are often hesitant to meet the extra cost incurred for a parking slot. Some may not be planning to purchase a car when they buy their apartment. However, there are other people, who end up purchasing multiple vehicles. Shankarankutty highlighted that, “The parking crisis is also the result of such a thinking.”

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